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What to Plan for During Your Third Trimester of Pregnancy

A mother in her 3rd trimester | Newborn Care

Have you recently entered your third trimester of pregnancy? Perhaps you’re almost 40 weeks and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your baby soon. There are a lot of different emotions and third trimester symptoms during this time – excitement, nervousness, fear, and joy. As your baby continues to grow, so will your belly – and planning for the 3rd trimester is important.

Get Organized

Now is a great time to create a third trimester to do list for the birth of your baby. If your birth plan includes having the baby at a hospital or birth center, one of the first things to do is pack a bag that will cover you for 1-3 days. Make sure you include:

  • Your photo ID
  • Insurance information
  • Any prescription medication
  • Eyeglasses or extra contact lenses
  • Cell phone charger
  • Robe or loose-fitting shirt or pajama dress
  • Lip gloss, lotion, headband, and ponytail holders
  • Maternity bras
  • Snacks or beverages that you enjoy
  • Toiletry bag and extra changes of clothes
  • Slippers and/or non-skid socks

It’s great to get your bag packed as much as you can ahead of time, so you are prepared to go – day or night. Even if you end up having a false alarm with Braxton Hicks contractions, it’s better to be prepared just in case.

Third Trimester to do List | Newborn Care

Prepare the Baby’s Room

Decorating or designing a baby’s nursery is one of the highlights of your baby’s arrival. While it’s great to have everything complete in the nursery before the baby arrives, you don’t have to feel like all the details to be complete immediately. Instead, focus on the essentials. For example, make sure you have a bassinet or crib ready to go with plenty of washable sheets and blankets, as well as a rocking chair or chair for feeding and snuggling. It’s also great to have plenty of extra onesies, burp cloths, a changing table, and a lot of diapers that will last for the first month or two. You will be surprised at how many diapers you’ll be changing during those first few weeks and how often you’ll be changing your baby’s clothing. You can plan on putting the finishing touches on the décor or other parts of the room once you settle into your new routine.

Finalize Name Choices

Some parents have their child’s name picked out well before that positive pregnancy test. For others, it takes months of going through the options. Once you hit the third trimester, the clock is really starting to tick for you to start narrowing down those names.

There are a few key things to remember during this process.

First, try not to feel pressured by friends or other family members. Many people have opinions about what names they like, but ultimately, this is you and your partner’s decision. Next, think about nicknames, initials, and name meanings, and make sure you are okay with those. Try to narrow down the top two names, say them out loud, and see what it looks like written down. If you can’t decide on the official name before the baby’s birth, it’s okay to wait until you have the baby in your arms. Many couples decide to wait until they hear the baby’s first cry and see their face before they make their final name decision.

Plan for the Baby’s Care After Returning Home

If you plan on returning to work after your maternity or paternity leave, it’s important to plan for who will take care of your baby afterward. Do you plan on using a daycare, hire an in-home nanny full time, or utilize a nanny share? This will require some planning – months in advance. Finding the right nanny to work in your home can take a little bit of time, and if you choose a daycare, you may find out that many have a waitlist. So, make sure you and your partner start discussing what options you have and what works best for your family and budget well ahead of time. It will give you peace of mind knowing who and where your baby will be in your absence.

You’ve made it to the home stretch! The 3rd trimester is often a great part of pregnancy for expectant parents – the morning sickness is over, you’re feeling the baby move, and everything is becoming more real. Chances are, you’re feeling more than ready to welcome your baby and start this new chapter in your life.

As you continue to prepare for baby in your final weeks of pregnancy, keep in mind that our team at Household Staffing is ready to help get you set up with a nanny or temporary night nanny to work in your home. We have more than 25 years of expertise placing compassionate and experienced professional nannies in homes of all kinds across the country, so call us today or start the hiring process online here.

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