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Nationwide Placement

Frequently Asked Questions

For help with questions you don’t find answers for below, please contact our team directly.

It is never too early in your pregnancy to hire a Newborn Care Specialist. Most expecting families contact us to hire after the first trimester – but any time is a great time to secure help. Call us today to reserve one of our dedicated professionals to ensure coverage and peace of mind ahead of your baby’s arrival.

We curate highly qualified candidates who can offer various services, including newborn care, postpartum support, breastfeeding support, sleep training, feeding consultations for newborns, and developmental milestone tracking. 

We expect our newborn care specialists to have years of experience working with newborns and infants.

We require training and certification as a NCS by an NCSA approved training provider. First Aid and CPR training are also preferred.

They must exhibit a dedication to providing the best possible care for every newborn they serve and will be trained, skilled, and knowledgeable in the latest techniques and best practices for newborn care.

The length of stay varies depending on the need. We suggest flexible scheduling options to accommodate your unique needs. Newborn care specialists can serve from as little as two weeks to many months.

The hourly rate varies depending on the services and the baby’s and family’s individual needs. We recommend contacting us to discuss your specific needs.

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