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Baby Must-Haves for Your Registry

Baby Must Haves for Your Registry | Newborn Care

With a baby on the way, you might feel like there is a huge list of to-dos to get done. Keeping on top of your doctor appointments, getting a room or nursery ready, and planning for childcare after the baby’s born are just some of the big things on your plate. Putting together a baby registry is another important to-do that gives friends, family, or co-workers a way to pick out presents for you and the baby. These lists are a great way to compile all your needs and wants in one location and they help ensure you get what you’ve curated.

There’s no doubt about it – there are so many baby essentials to pick out and it’s hard to know what exactly the must-haves are and what aren’t. Here are some of the most important things to add to your list.

#1: Plenty of onesies and burp cloths.

Many people simply adore picking out adorable, tiny outfits for babies. So, chances are, you’ll get lots of cute’ outfits to dress the baby in. But with the number of diapers you’ll be changing, it’s important to have lots of easy slip-in and slip-out-of clothes for your newborn. Zip up onesies are a great option. Have lots of these options available and on board – because you never know when you’ll need an outfit change after a diaper leaks or baby spits up. The same goes with burping rags. Babies love to drool and spit up after eating and having lots of extra towels on hand will be necessary!

#2: The basic gear.

Adding a stroller, rocking chair, infant or convertible car seat, baby swing or bouncer, baby career, or a travel play yard, or crib are all great ideas. Sometimes friends and family will want to pitch in to purchase a larger gift and having some bigger-ticket items on the list is helpful.

#3: Feeding essentials.

Planning to breastfeed? A breast pump, milk storage bags, nursing pads, and feeding pillows are all great baby registry items to add. If you plan to bottle feed with formula, add some bottles, a bottle warmer, bottle brushes, and formula to your list. Consider adding a high chair or booster seat to your list, too – so when it comes time for the baby to transition to solid foods, you’re ready to go.

#4: Items that soothe baby and can also give you peace of mind.

When your baby gets their first fever, it can feel a little scary. Yet, it’s reality with a little one! They seem to pick up all sorts of germs as they are out and about with you. So, be sure to add a digital thermometer to your registry so you can get quick and accurate readings. A humidifier is also very helpful for when baby gets their first cold. It can prevent dry air that can help with breathing troubles. Diaper rash is also something you’ll face – sometimes often. Diaper rash creams vary, and sometimes it takes some trial and error to find out which one works best for your baby’s skin. Add a few to your registry so you have some on hand.

Not sure where to register? It’s up to you! Many parents-to-be choose places like Target or Amazon because they are easy to access and affordably priced. Others choose more specific shops like Pottery Barn Kids, or curate lists that are specific to local stores in their area. It’s all up to you.

Perhaps you plan on purchasing most things yourself and don’t want to create a baby registry. That’s okay, too. Just remember that most people close to you will ask what they can buy you or what you need most. In these cases, consider asking them to make a monetary donation or donate a package of diapers or baby wipes to a local foster care organization in town. If the idea of planning and cooking meals after the baby is born sounds overwhelming, consider asking for gift cards to local restaurants or to a meal delivery service. Or perhaps you want to hire a newborn nanny for the first few weeks or months and would appreciate donations toward that expense.

Our team at Household Staffing can help place a newborn nanny in your home or a nanny that works more long-term, too. For more than 30 years, we have placed caring and experienced nannies in homes across the country, helping parents of all kinds transition into their new roles. Contact us today to get started!

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