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Newborn Photo Shoots: What to Consider

newborn care newborn photo shoots

The big day has arrived! You’ve just welcomed your precious bundle of joy into the world and now, life with your little one begins. The newborn days take lots of adjusting, but once you get into your new routine, you’ll discover how fast things really go. Capturing the precious new moments of newborn life is important and preserving those memories with a special newborn photo shoot is a great way to do that. Here are some things to consider.

Why you should hire a newborn photographer

You know how much time and energy your new little family member requires, and thinking about taking the time to do photos yourself just might not be possible right now! Not to mention, think about how squirmy and wiggly your baby is. They’re cute, but they aren’t easy models. That’s why working with an experienced newborn photographer is important.

When you should schedule your photo shoot

The first question to ask yourself is: do you want the photos of your baby to be awake or sleeping? If you want photos while the baby is asleep, try to schedule your photo session during the first two weeks of your baby’s life. That’s when they are sleeping the most! If you want the baby to be playful and awake, schedule the photos after the first month.

Research photographers

There are a lot of talented and experienced photographers out there! It’s just a matter of finding the one that fits what you want. So, figure out what you’re looking for and narrow down your search. For example, some photographers specialize in portraits, while others are experienced in lifestyle shoots or posed scenes. Those styles should always be discussed when you’re getting quotes from those places.

Some parents may also prefer to be photographed in their own homes rather than in a photo studio. Discuss with your potential photographers if they do home photo sessions and what the cost differences are for those, and then determine in advance which suits your family and your baby best.

Knowing what to expect

Once you find a photographer to hire, talk about what your vision is for the session and the pictures. Sometimes new parents do research online and have some fun ideas to bring to the set, but your photographer might also have some suggestions or tips on how to make your ideas work. They have the facts and advice on what will work – especially when it comes to poses, props, and lighting – so be sure to ask about what those suggestions are before setting your mind on anything definitive. Also, if there are things that you specific to you that you want incorporated into the photo – such as family heirlooms, or other special items – make sure your photographer can accommodate those requests.

What to bring

A newborn photo session is a special and memorable time. The sessions may vary in length, too, so be sure to ask your photographer what to expect when it comes to timing. Sometimes it might take longer to capture the images you want and that just takes some patience. Relax and try to take in the special moments.

Many photographers have a checklist of things to bring to the session that day, but some essentials to think about include:

  • A snack and water for yourself
  • If siblings are coming, bring some entertainment for them
  • Bring plenty of extra diapers, bottles, and at least one or two changes of clothing for the baby
  • Any toys, props, or other special items you and your photographer plan to use

Your baby is a precious gift and your photographer is committed to capturing some special moments on camera with your child’s safety in mind. If you have any questions or concerns that come up before or during the session, you should feel free to bring those up. Remember that you’ll need to stay patient while the photographer works their magic and prepare for accidents or pauses to calm a crying or hungry baby. The truth is – your newborn can be unpredictable, but that’s what makes this stage of life fun and adorable.

Not sure where to start?

Ask friends or family if they have photographer recommendations. Or start looking at local photographers in your area and view their online galleries. This will give you an idea of their previous work and if it aligns with your vision for the photos.

One of our very own employees, Olivia, knows firsthand about newborn photo shoots! She recently welcomed her little one into the world and caught some precious moments on camera with Briana Lugo Photography. Briana’s love for photography is just the beginning – she specializes in capturing real moments and real expressions.

Newborn photo shoots are a special way to capture a special time in your child’s life and they can truly be cherished forever.

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