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What is a Newborn Care Specialist (NBCS)?

A Newborn Care Specialist (NBCS) is a trained professional who provides in-home care for newborns and support for new parents during the early weeks or months after birth. They specialize in newborn care, helping families adjust to life with a new baby.
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When a new baby arrives, everything changes! There’s a lot to learn and do, which can be overwhelming. That’s where a Newborn Care Specialist comes in. These special helpers are trained professionals who know about caring for newborns. They come to your home to help you and your family during the early weeks or months after your baby is born.

What Does a Newborn Care Specialist Do?

A Newborn Care Specialist (NBCS) does many important things to ensure your baby is happy and healthy. Here are some of the things they can do:

Feeding the Baby
Whether breastfeeding or using formula, an NBCS can help. They can teach you how to hold the baby during feedings, how to burp it properly, and how to ensure your baby is getting enough to eat.

Sleeping Tips
Newborns sleep a lot, but not always at the times you want them to! A NBCS can help set up a good sleep routine. They know tips and tricks to help your baby sleep better so everyone can get some rest.

Diaper Changes
New parents have to do diapers a lot. A NBCS can show you how to do it quickly and easily. They also make sure your baby’s diaper area stays clean and rash-free.

Bathing the Baby
Bathing a newborn can be scary at first. An NBCS can show you how to bathe your baby safely and make it fun for both of you.

Soothing Techniques
Babies can get fussy sometimes. A NBCS knows lots of ways to calm a crying baby. They can teach you these soothing techniques too.

Why Might You Need a Newborn Care Specialist?

Having a baby is a joyful but busy time. There are many reasons why you might want a NBCS to help out:

First-Time Parents
If this is your first baby, everything is new. An NBCS can teach you the basics of baby care and give you confidence.

Extra Support
Even if this is not your first baby, having extra help can be wonderful. A NBCS can take some of the workload off your shoulders so you can rest and spend quality time with your other children.

Special Situations
If your baby is born early or has special needs, a NBCS with specific training can be very helpful. They can provide the extra care your baby needs.

Twins or More
Caring for multiple babies at once is a big job if you have twins, triplets, or more. A NBCS can help you manage everything.

How Long Does a Newborn Care Specialist Stay?

The time a NBCS stays with a family can vary. Some families need help for just a few weeks, while others might want support for a few months. The NBCS will work with your family’s schedule and needs.

How to Find a Newborn Care Specialist

Finding the right NBCS is essential. Here are some steps to help you:

Ask for Recommendations
Talk to friends or family members who have used a NBCS. They might know someone great.

Work With an Agency
Contact a reputable agency, discuss your needs and preferences, and let the agency match them with a qualified Newborn Care Specialist.

Having a Newborn Care Specialist can make the first few weeks or months with your new baby much smoother and more enjoyable. They are there to help and support you and ensure your baby gets the best care possible.

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Enjoy Comprehensive Care

Our Newborn Care Specialists are skilled at promoting the health, well-being, and development of a newborn baby during the initial weeks or months of life.


Newborns may be breastfed, bottle-fed, or a combination of both. Establishing a feeding routine and addressing any feeding challenges is vital to newborn care.


Newborn sleep patterns can be irregular. Helping infants establish a sleep routine and providing a safe sleep environment is essential for their overall well-being.

Hygiene & Diapering

Maintaining proper hygiene, including regular diaper changes and gentle bathing, is crucial for preventing infections and keeping the baby comfortable.

Health Monitoring

Regular check-ups with healthcare professionals, monitoring weight gain, vaccinations, screenings and observing for any signs of illness are integral to newborn care.

Bonding & Stimulation

Engaging in activities stimulating the baby’s senses, such as talking, singing, and gentle play, contributes to a newborn’s cognitive and emotional growth.

Comfort & Soothing

Newborns may experience discomfort. Effective soothing techniques like swaddling, rocking, and using pacifiers can help ease discomfort challenges.

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